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STOP Talking, TAKE Action : Get Assad, Russia & Iran OUT of Syria !

Chroniques de la Syrie

Only the Syrian people representatives were not invited to Lausanne’s Talk today, October the 15th, 2016. This is why several members of FSD went to Beau Rivage Palace in order to remind the journalists of the crimes committed in Syria, of the efforts during these last five years trying to find a solution and of the Syrian people demands today.

Assad Must Go Lausanne, 15.10.2016

                      Assad Must Go, Lausanne, 15.10.2016

Main crimes committed by the Assad regime against civilians in Syria :

  • 2011-2014 Use of snipers to shoot civilians in the uprising regions
  • 2011-2012 Shootings with war ammunition against the pacific demonstrations (in Homs city and countryside, Hama city and countryside, Idleb city and countryside, Damascus countryside, Aleppo city and countryside, Daraa, Deir-Ezzor)
  • Since 2011 Massive arbitrary detention, forced disappearances and torture to death
  • Since 2011 Kidnapping and collective raping
  • 2012-2013 Collective massacres in the hot regions by shelling, knifing, burning alive (in Baba-Amr, Karm al-Zeitoun, Al-Houla, Banias, Latamneh, Darayya, Jdaydeh-Aartouz, etc.)
  • Since 2012 Siege of all up-rised regions (Daraa, Baba-Amr, al-Houla, Homs, Darayya, Yarmouk, Mou’adamyeh, Madaya, Aleppo etc.)
  • Since 2011 Starvation of besieged regions (Daraa in 2011, Homs in 2012, Yarmouk in 2013, Darayya in 2013, Yarmouk in 2013, Mou’adamyeh in 2013, Madaya in 2013, Aleppo in 2016, etc.)
  • Since 2012 Shelling of Hospitals, Markets, Schools, Bakeries, Houses, etc.
  • Since 2012 Use of ballistic missiles
  • Since 2012 Aviation shelling (explosive barrels, cluster bombs, vacuum bombs, white phosphorus bombs, chemical weapons, etc)
  • Since 2012 Intervention of Shiite sectarian militias in Syria on the demand of Assad regime (Hezbollah, Iranian militias, Irakian militias, etc.)
  • Since 2015 Intervention of Russian military aviation, on the demand of Assad regime, with several kinds of conventional and non-conventional bomb shelling.
  • Since 2016 Shelling with anti-bunker bombs by the Russian aviation.
  • Since 2012 Forced displacement of Syrians in the besieged areas and forced demographic change
  • What’s next ? Nuclear bombs ?

Today Syrian forces, Russian forces and Iranian forces operate hand in hand to exterminate all civilian Syrian population suspected of sympathizing with the uprising. !!!

Putin Go Home, Lausanne 15.10.2016

Putin Go Home, Lausanne 15.10.2016

Assad is burning Aleppo, Lausanne 15.10.2016

Assad is burning Aleppo, Lausanne 15.10.2016

Attempts to « solve » the Syrian crisis :

Nov. 2011 : Arab League Peace Plan. Ceasefire broken by the Syrian regime. Failed.

Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012 : Arab League Observer Mission under Dabi’s supervision. Failed.

Jan.-Feb. 2012 :   First UN security council resolution proposal vetoed by China and Russia. Failed.

Feb.-Jun. 2012 : United Nations Peacekeeping Mission under Kofi Anan’s supervision. Failed.

Jun. 2012 :  Geneva meeting – Agreement on political transition. Failed.

Oct. 31st 2012 :  Brahimi’s ceasefire attempt, broken. Failed.

May-June 2013 :  Discussion on Geneva II. Postponed. Failed.

Sept. the 14th 2013 : Agreement between Lavrov and Kerry, on a procedure on chemical weapons control…Since this date, more than 135 chemical attacks committed by the Assad regime forces in different areas of Syria (according to SN4HR) have been reported. Failed.

Jan.-Feb. 2014: Geneva II negotiations under supervision of Brahimi. Failed.

Jan.-Jun. 2016: Geneva III peace talks with the supervision of De Mistura. Failed.

Oct. 2016: Fifth UN security council resolution proposal vetoed by Russia. Failed.

Veto the Veto, Lausanne 15.10.2016

               Veto the Veto, Lausanne 15.10.2016

Since March 2011, after committing crimes against Humanity, destroying the country, killing more than 400’000 people, mostly civilians, Assad, the worst assassin of recent times, is still called Mr. President by the international community.