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Soumission ou Famine!

Chronique de la Syrie

La famine est l’une des armes choisies par la dictature syrienne pour opprimer la population dans les régions assiégées. Affamer les civils est une méthode de torture qui conduit à la mort de nombreux  enfants, vieillards, femmes et hommes en Syrie… C’est une arme qui laisse indifférente la communauté internationale alors même qu’elle constitue un crime flagrant contre l’humanité. L’ONU négocie avec la dictature pour acheminer de la nourriture;  les faits sont donc là, à la vue de tous… Le slogan qui résume cette politique de famine a même été affiché par le régime Assad sur les murs qui entourent les régions assiégées: Soumission ou famine !

FSD publie ici une déclaration d’un groupe de femmes syriennes qui font une grève de la faim qui doit durer sept jours, en solidarité avec les régions assiégées. 

Genève, ONU, 25.04.2014


We, a group of independent Syrian women, announce a hunger strike in solidarity with those besieged in Madaya. For 200 days, the Assad regime and its ally Hezbollah have prevented food, medicine and basic needs from entering Madaya in contravention of international agreements and laws as well as all UN Security Council resolutions related to the situation in Syria. Most recently, the Security Council passed resolution 2254 calling in paragraph 12 “on the parties to immediately allow humanitarian agencies rapid, safe and unhindered access throughout Syria by most direct routes, allow immediate, humanitarian assistance to reach all people in need, in particular in all besieged and hard-to-reach areas . . .”
Currently, more than 600,000 civilians languish in areas under siege in Syria, 40,000 of whom are in Madaya and face certain death by starvation with each passing day. Human rights groups have documented dozens of deaths as a result of starvation and thousands of cases of malnourishment in Madaya. Indeed, the Assad regime has persisted in its policy of “Submit or Starve” since 2012 starting first in Moudamiya, then Ghouta, Yarmouk Camp, Deir Ezzor city and most recently in Madaya. As a result of this policy, hundreds have starved to death in Syria in the past three years without any international human rights body or organization taking an initiative to stop or criminalize the regime’s starvation tactics.
Despite the regime’s ongoing “Submit or Starve” policy, the UN and international community has failed to take action to prevent the starvation of civilians in Syria. Rather, they have appeased the regime by merely negotiating limited ceasefires that bring in minimal aid or force civilians to forever leave their homes and towns in order to receive aid and medical treatment. This policy of appeasement is an absolute disgrace and a shameful defeat to the values that confront evil and barbarism. Never should the infringement of human rights be used as a political bargaining chip. It is obligatory on the international community to force the Assad regime to abide by international agreements that prohibit starvation as a weapon of war.
This statement is a general call to all humans of conscience to participate in a week-long hunger strike starting Saturday, 9 January 2016 in solidarity with the people of Madaya and all those besieged in Syria. Our hunger strike is a demand on the international community and the United Nations to carry out their responsibilities and pressure the Assad regime and its allies to immediately lift the crippling sieges in Syria and comply with the UN Security Council resolutions. In the interim, we demand the immediate deliverance of humanitarian assistance to those under siege and the removal of all landmines planted around Madaya and other besieged areas to allow for the safe passage of civilians. Last, we demand that the Assad regime and its allies be held to criminal account for committing these heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Syrian people.